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Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Worried that it might already be too late to have your smile adjusted with fixed braces because you “wouldn’t dare to wear braces in public any more”? Let me prove you wrong. Modern orthodontics offers a wide variety of braces to fit everyone’s needs. The ultimate top in both aesthetics and overall reliability are the invisible 3D lingual braces, especially the German-made ones.

This technology was developed by the leading specialists in dentistry, who stand by the precision of their work. To the smallest detail they think out the luxury products of their laboratories, the 3D lingual braces. As in other fields, also in the field of lingual braces many cheap copies of these precise German products are made. Their functionality and quality are often rather limited, which can then have negative effects on the treatment, its development and results. No self-respecting dentist, for whom patient satisfaction and perfect results are a top priority, will compromise his or her good reputation by working with such appliances.

What happens during the treatment with 3D lingual braces?

As is the case with similar treatment methods using other kinds of braces, an initial consultation with the orthodontist is needed before the treatment can begin. During this consultation, a complete set of necessary documents is issued, on the basis of which the dentist is then able to develop an individual treatment plan for the patient.

If the lingual braces are the obvious choice for you, your doctor will make special impressions or scans of your teeth, which will then be sent to the German laboratory along with all necessary documents. The manufacturing process can begin. The German laboratory will produce a 3D plaster model of your teeth in their initial state and, according to the treatment plan devised by your doctor, also another 3D model displaying your teeth in their final state after the orthodontic treatment. Since the outcome of the treatment is predictable, possible errors are highly unlikely. With the help of these 3D models, the individual components of your lingual braces are manufactured using high-tech computer scanners, lasers and robots. Every such component is unique. It takes up to one month for the German laboratory to produce the entire custom-made appliance. The finished product is then sent to your orthodontist’s surgery and your treatment with luxury invisible braces can finally start.

The actual bonding of the brackets to tooth surfaces (of upper and lower jaws) and the initial activation of the appliance usually takes up to 1-2 hours. After the braces have been installed, it is necessary to go to regular check-ups every 2 months or more often, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. The first results are observable already after several weeks of treatment, and the patients can usually see the first truly satisfying effects on their straightening teeth after 2 to 4 months into the orthodontic treatment.

The total duration of the treatment with 3D lingual braces ranges from 1,5 to 2 years, depending on the type of defect treated.

What will your first moments with the new braces feel like?

“What a strange feeling, I hope to get used to it soon” is a common first reaction to feeling the braces inside your mouth with your tongue. And you will really get used to it in no time. It is only natural that it takes some time and patience to adjust oneself to something with which we were not born, and that has been artificially implanted into our body. Treatment with invisible braces is no exception.

3D lingual braces take up some space in the oral cavity reserved for the tongue, which means it will have to get used to resting against an extra structure. Nevertheless, this possible feeling of discomfort has been thought through, and so the shape of the individual components of German 3D lingual braces is very delicate and flat. Moreover, all these parts are perfectly polished and smooth to ensure that your tongue gets quickly used to the presence of the braces in your mouth, and to make your articulation more comfortable and natural.

Possible toothache or sensitiveness of teeth during the treatment with 3D lingual braces is also very individual. Both the bonding of the braces to the teeth and their first activation are usually perceived as completely painless processes. Some of our patients are even surprised at the fact that they cannot feel anything different when they leave the surgery with their new braces fully functioning. At this point, the braces have already been activated and it takes some time before the teeth start responding to the new impulse and begin adjusting their position within the jaw. A certain degree of teeth sensitivity or even pain is usually registered the next morning during breakfast, and at every other meal. With every passing day of the treatment it gradually subsides and will disappear completely after a couple of days.         

A couple of rules to follow during the treatment with 3D lingual braces

Heightened caution during food intake has to be stressed, as well as careful adherence to regular and thorough oral hygiene. While 3D lingual braces are bounded to your teeth with durable adhesive materials, they will not endure rough and careless handling as they are so designed as to be removable from the teeth at the end of the treatment.

Invisible braces are fixed to the inner surface of the teeth, where the enamel is naturally thicker and more resistant to caries. The inner tooth surface is also washed with more saliva flows, thanks to which the self-cleaning function of the teeth is more effective. However, it would be a grave mistake to assume that with lingual braces it is unnecessary to brush your teeth at all, or to brush the outer surfaces only.

- MUDr. Jana Fendrychová

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