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Orthodontic treatment options, its various stages and duration

What is the course of orthodontic treatment with fixed braces?

The course, length and method of orthodontic treatment always depends on the type of maloclussion and the patient's age. The most common method, that of treatment with  fixed braces, is normally divided into an active phase (teeth straightening with fixed braces) and retention (stabilisation of the result).

Active phase – teeth straightening with fixed braces

During the active phase, which usually takes 0.75-2 years, an optimal positioning of the teeth is gradually achieved with the help of an orthodontic appliance (fixed braces of your choice), which, in order to be achieved, necessitates constant and precisely located concetration of forces, transferrd by the orthodontic arch (wire) to the individual locks which are glued onto the teeth.

Regular checkups

For best results of your treatment, it is necessary to go to Perfect Smile Clinic for regular checkups of the orthodontic appliance and the state of your teeth. The checkups usually take place in the period of 2-3 months. We will always examine the firmness and correct function of the braces. A failure to keep your visits regular may lead to unnecessary lenghtening of the treatment or to a relapse to a previous state, which means more unpleasant expenses.

  • Dentaurum Discovery Smart

The dental arch changes approximately 5 times during the treatment, and each change has its own specific function for the given period of in the active phase of the treatment. In less severe cases the active phase can be shorter; its termination is always decided on by the doctor depending on whether the ideal and stable teeth position has been achieved.

Retention phase – stabilisation of the achieved result

For permanent results, it is necessary to persevere a little longer. In the active phase we achieve a new positioning of the teeth and their roots. However, as their position has changed and the bone tissue (which had surrounded the teeth and stabilised them in an unsuitable position) has been damaged, it is crucial to fix them in their new, optimal position so that the bone tissue can transform and adapt, and so to ensure that the results achieved with orthodontic treatment are truly permanent.

Normally, the retention phase is at least as long as the active phase. During the retention phase, the bone tissue transforms in accordance with the new root positioning, which means that the resulting teeth positioning remains fully stable after the phase is completed.

To solidify the results of the retention phase, we use:

  • Retainers – flat wires glued onto the back side of the teeth. Soon you will forget you wear them at all
  • Removable braces – an orthodontic appliance which can be taken out of the mouth at any time; it makes toothcare easier but it is necessary to remember to use it regularly – for the whole first week and every night in the following months

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