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Life is too short not to show off your smile. Forget about all your old complexes and finally start smiling!

Tooth Whitening

The most gentle and at the same time the most effective method available. After a single 90-minute visit your teeth will be whiter by up to 8 shades.

Dental hygiene

Healthy, beautiful teeth make a great impression, but keeping them in perfect shape requires professional care from time to time.

Why our clinic?

  • Each client is treated individually.
  • Examination take place in a comfortable surroundings.
  • Favourably financing of your treatment
  • We use the most modern and the most effective methods during the treatment.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed by separate surgery rooms.
  • We always have time to answer all your questions.
  • We also offer deluxe, custom-made orthodontic appliances.

Co o nás říkají naši spokojení klienti?

I decided on the braces after a long deliberation and I had considerable worries also because I live with live singing and any whining or pain is out of the question. The Perfect Smile approach was very friendly and professional from the beginning. Everything was explained to me and the solution was individual made for my case. My worries were useless because I have been singing with braces for a year and a half and I don't even know about them.
Marek Ztracený, zpěvák
All my life I longed for a beautiful smile and finally I decided to start the treatment in Perfect Smile orthodontics. Already after the first few months of wearing braces, I see an incredible improvement, so today I can write that I am very satisfied and I am glad that I am visiting this clinic. The approach of the doctor and the whole team is absolutely top-notch and professional, I am very comfortable with regular dental hygiene and all inspections take place in a very pleasant atmosphere. In addition, there is a clinic in the center of Prague, which I take as a big plus, I only have a short walk to the surgery, there are great cafes and shops around.
@veruchick, fashion blogger

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