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Put your worries aside! Perfect Smile can offer you fast and comfortable treatment of orthodontic problems using our braces without unnecessary pain and the need for tooth extraction. 

Classic with a modern twist

Even though modern metal braces are visible, why should you be ashamed of them?

At our clinic, we work with metal braces that meet the high demands of our patients for small-size braces and their good tolerability in the course of the treatment.

These braces are an obvious choice for most parents of children under the age of 15. Even older teenagers often go for metal braces and, because their price is the lowest among the appliances on offer, many adults also frequently choose them for their orthodontic treatment. Thanks to the elastic bands that keep the wire in place, the colour of the braces can be changed at the patient’s request. Straight teeth are an important factor for successful professional and private life in today's world, as well as a prerequisite for healthy teeth, reducing the risk of periodontitis and caries. So why not start your treatment as soon as possible?

Are you concerned about having problems with speaking, brushing your teeth, and eating during the orthodontic treatment? We hardly ever notice any problems with articulation in our patients. You may find that oral hygiene is more complex with aesthetic braces, but it’s far from being unmanageable. Restrictions to your eating habits are not that big either, but more care must be taken when biting than you are used to.

In Perfect Smile, we develop treatment plans in accordance with Face Driven Orthodontics, taking into account the harmony of our patients’ facial features. We care about how straightening your teeth will affect your appearance both immediately after the treatment and long after it has finished. 

Benefits of metal braces:

  • Familiar to children as well as adults

Fixed braces are not the prerogative of children and teenagers. They can be of equal assistance to adults who want to achieve a perfect smile. Also, they are the most widely used appliance for older children.

  • Fast results
Small malocclusions can be solved within a few months. On average, the treatment takes 2 years, with short regular check-ups every 1 to 3 months.

  • Comfort during treatment

Modern appliances are very small, making everyday life more comfortable and brushing your teeth a matter of a few moments. You will practically forget about the fact that you have braces, while they will take all the care to make your smile perfect.

  • Attractive price and wide use
Metal braces are an economical and effective means for orthodontic treatment of all types of malocclusion.

What metal braces do we offer?

At Perfect Smile, we always work with professional and cutting-edge orthodontic appliances from certified manufacturers. For orthodontic treatment with fixed metal braces, we currently use products of the German brand Dentaurum.

Dentaurum Discovery Smart®

Fixed metal braces by Dentaurum guarantee highly effective orthodontic treatment and maximum comfort for the wearer. The Discovery Smart brackets are 20% smaller than regular brackets, the whole appliance is very subtle, it doesn't hurt or interfere with speech and oral hygiene, and looks very inconspicuous in the mouth. 

Looking for a more aesthetic type of orthodontic treatment? Take a look at our discreet or completely invisible Invisalign braces!

Cost of fixed metal braces

The listed prices of braces include retention. Naturally, the price of your orthodontic treatment is contractually guaranteed.

Type of bracesArea of treatmentPrice of treatment incl. retention
Dentaurum Discovery Smart®
First-rate metal braces for all ages suitable for treatment of all types of orthodontic defects
1 jaw39 890 CZK
Dentaurum Discovery Smart®
First-rate metal braces for all ages suitable for treatment of all types of orthodontic defects
Both jaws64 990 CZK

We accept credit cards. For this type of braces, we also accept Sodexo, Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket, Ticket Benefits Card, Benefit + and Flexipass vouchers to the maximum amount of 10000 CZK.

Simply braces. Make an appointment, and let’s start!

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