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Metal braces are one of the most common types of fixed appliance used to treat mild as well as more serious malocclusions. Contemporary orthodontics offers a wide range of metal braces, which are very effective in achieving a perfect and healthy smile.Fixed braces will bestow a bewitching smile

Metal braces will bestow a bewitching smile

Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces is usually undergone by patients aged 12-16, when thanks to the continual expansion of the jaw, results are achieved the fastest. Not only parents, but the young wearers themselves appreciate this type of treatment because apart from the discreet forms, colourful bands can transform braces into a playful fashion accessory.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can benefit patients of any age, which is why fixed braces are sought by an increasing number of adults. In today's world, straight teeth are an important factor for a successful professional and private life, and at the same time they are a basic prerequisite for having healthy teeth as they reduce the risk of periodontosis and of dental caries.

4 times why Metal braces

  • For children and adults

Fixed braces aren't children's and teenagers' prerogative. They are can be of equal assistance to adults who want perfect teeth.

  • Comfortable wearing
Modern appliances are usually very subtle, thanks to which they are comfortable to wear.

  • Fastest results

The treatment with fixed braces takes 0,75-2 years. We count on multiple regular check-ups and thorough care to speed the treatment as much as possible.

  • Attractive price

Metal braces are an economical as well as an effective type of orthodontic treatment.

What type of braces should I choose?

At Perfect Smile we always work with professional and cutting-edge orthodontic appliances from certified manufacturers. Currently we use products by Dentaurum a 3M Unitek for orthodontic treatment with fixed braces.

Dentaurum Discovery Smart®

Fixed metal braces by Dentaurum guarantee a highly effective orthodontic treatment and maximum comfort for the wearer. The Discovery Smart locks are 20 % smaller than a regular lock, the whole appliance is very subtle, it doesn't interfere with speech and looks very discreet in the mouth. The wings are perfectly designed, providing the braces with maximum security.

Cost of fixed braces

We will always offer you a fair price. During your first visit you will receive a precise customized calculation; you needn't fear unpleasant surprises in the form of unexpected expenses during your orthodontic treatment. Thanks to our cooperation with all Czech medical insturance companies, we can always offer very attractive prices. Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.

Dentaurum Discovery Smart® -highly comfortable fixed metal braces1 jaw26 740  Kč
 Both jaws48 790 Kč

All prices include VAT, we accept debit cards and Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket vouchers, Flexipass, Benefit + as well as the Ticket Benefits Card.