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The ZOOM teeth whitening process

Whiter teeth in 90 minutes


The discoloration of teeth is due to our genetic makeup, and external factors related to lifestyle also play a big role. For many people, this smile factor plays a role in their social life and they desire a higher whiteness of their teeth. However, achieving a better shade of teeth can seem difficult. Fortunately, there are effective ways to brighten your smile. At Perfect Smile, we rely on in-office whitening technology ZOOM White Speed, combining active whitening gel and an effective blue LED light generated by a special lamp.

Why have the treatment?

  • High effectiveness
  • Durability of the result
  • Safety guaranteed by the certification of the method in the EU
  • One of the most effective technologies of today

How does teeth whitening work?


We carry out restorative whitening with the help of the professional whitening lamp ZOOM White Speed, which is currently an effective and EU certified method of teeth whitening.The whitening gel with low concentration of active whitening elements does not damage the tooth enamel and does not cause tooth sensitivity. The gel contains special Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, which remineralizes the teeth, increases the absorption of Floride and thus improves the final appearance of the tooth enamel.

The whitening gel is irradiated in four stages by the blue light-emitting plasma lamp ZOOM White Speed, which maximizes its effects. Teeth whitening is painless. You may feel only a slight warmth in the oral cavity caused by the strong blue whitening light. Some may find the tension of opening the jaw during the whitening procedure slightly uncomfortable.

We believe the excitement of the result, however, is worth the little discomfort during the procedure.

Bleaching result ZOOM White Speed
The ZOOM teeth whitening process

How does the treatment work?

1. Process preparation

Before the treatment, we will first cover your gums with a protective material to prevent unwanted irritation. We will then insert disposable, soft dilators into your mouth so that we can comfortably bring the mouth of the lamp closer to your teeth later.


2. Application of active gel


Followed by careful application of the whitening gel to the teeth


3. Lighting

We proceed to activate the bleaching gel by illuminating with the ZOOM White Speed lamp. Repeat the illumination a maximum of four times in succession at 15-minute intervals. With each of these we can achieve a significantly whiter enamel shade. We discuss the patient's perception of the achieved result after each interval. The patient can choose to either continue or stop the procedure if they are satisfied with the shade they have just achieved.


4. White Diet Day

After the in-office whitening is complete, we clean the oral cavity of gel, hydrate the associated tissues and follow with a mandatory phase called the white diet, which must be followed for at least 24 hours after treatment. During this time, you must not consume any enamel-staining foods and beverages.

Price of in-office whitening at Perfect Smile®

Complete whitening treatment - Ordinary teeth whitening ZOOM White Speed Philips 9 600 Kč

We accept credit cards. Sodexo, Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket,Ticket Benefits Card, Benefit+ and Flexipass up to 10000.- CZK .

Treat yourself to a radiant smile!

Before the actual whitening it is advisable to undergo a complete dental hygiene in order to keep the teeth 100% clean and to maximize the whitening effect.

Photos before and after teeth whitening

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