Upravit stránku


non-binding examination and proposal of treatment procedure

  • Anamnestic questionnaire.
  • Digital scanning of the teeth.
  • Lateral and panoramic radiographs.
  • Dental and facial photography.
  • Consultation of treatment options with a physician.
  • Preparation of a price calculation and payment harmonorgam of the proposed solution.

Treatment plan

introduction and approval of the individual treatment procedure by the doctor

  • Presentation of the proposed procedure by the doctor selection of the type of braces.
  • Signing informed consents.
  • Signing a health care contract.
Treatment plan
Application of braces

Application of braces and active treatment

we will fit you with the prepared braces, active treatment and teeth straightening begins

  • Active treatment with braces takes approximately 2 years depending on the complexity of the case and the patient's cooperation.
  • You will have a check-up approximately once every 3 months and the appliance will be adjusted for proper function.
  • The teeth gradually take the desired position and the result is achieved.

Removal of braces and retention phase

teeth straightened, smile perfect and next up is fixing the result

  • We apply fixed retainers. Tiny retainer wires on the back of the teeth. They are worn for several years and you usually don't even notice them.
  • We remove the braces components from the previous phase of treatment.
  • We take digital scans, X-rays and photographs of the result.
  • On the following day, we will give you translucent fixation splints. They are worn intensively for a few months and then only at night.
Removal of braces

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