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Teeth whitening

Twice a day is not enough !


Although routine daily brushing is essential to prevent a wide variety of dental diseases, we often fail (or rather don't have the means) to give our teeth the care they need once in a while.

A dental hygienist/that can handle some tartar, unwanted pigmentation, poorly accessible plaque and d through the use of special tools;and instruments clean your teeth even where you can't reach with a regular toothbrush and with an intensity that even the best electronic toothbrush or other tools available in stores can't achieve.

At Perfect Smile, professionals perform dental hygiene as part of orthodontic treatment for patients with braces. On a regular basis also to registered patients outside orthodontic treatment. Interested patients not yet registered at our medical facility can of course also make an appointment.

If you are interested, just contact us and we will provide you with an appointment for your treatment.

Dental hygiene to:

prevention of dental caries

With regular care, we can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay.

prevention of periodontitis

You can very easily prevent unpleasant gum disease, prevent bleeding or, in extreme cases, prevent tooth loss due to advanced periodontal disease.

removal of tooth pigmentation

We remove unwanted pigment stains from teeth.

Dental tartar removal

End the tartar build-up that ordinary brushing is definitely not enough.

removing plaque from hard to reach areas

Thanks to our technological capabilities, we can remove unwanted plaque from even the most inaccessible areas.

prevention of bad breath

By eliminating many of the factors responsible for bad breath, you can achieve great improvement if you suffer from it.

How is the treatment?

Dental hygiene at Perfect Smile begins with an initial treatment and repeated treatments are performed at a regular frequency of 3-6 months. The correct frequency should be discussed with the specialist according to the current condition. After each treatment, it is necessary not to eat or drink for 1 hour and to follow a so-called white diet for the next 2 hours. During the white diet contact of the cleaned tooth surface with tooth-staining substances contained in food and drinks should be avoided. 

First Visit

On your first visit to the dental hygienist's office, you will first have a short initial examination called the special index, which determines the health of your gums and the overall state of your oral hygiene. If the hygienist diagnoses any of the possible diseases, she will first explain the cause and then suggest the next course of action.

In the actual treatment, plaque and tartar, which usually prevent the gums from necessary regeneration, are first carefully removed. The tartar is removed with an ultrasonic cleaner and dental curettes. The time required to remove tartar is individual, sometimes more visits are required. The treatment may be slightly painful at this stage if the cusps are more sensitive. Finally, the hygienist thoroughly cleans the teeth with an AIRFLOW dental sandblaster, polishes them with a rotary brush with a special polishing paste and applies a fluoridation gel to the surface.

What follows is an illustrative instruction on proper teeth cleaning and home dental care, during which the dental hygienist will explain and show you in detail how to clean your teeth in the best possible way. After the treatment, you can purchase a set of recommended toothbrushes from us, which you can use to try out the correct cleaning immediately.

The scope of dental hygiene, the methods used and the duration of treatment may vary by the decision of the specialist based on the clinical findings of the patient.

Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene

Second, third and further visits

On the next visits we will check the current hygiene status and start cleaning the remaining tartar, polishing the teeth or sandblasting with the AIRFLOW device. This procedure is only possible for patients who do not suffer from gingivitis. 

Follow-up preventive visits already focus mainly on checking hygiene and addressing any problems that have arisen since the last visit.

The scope of dental hygiene, the methods used, and the length of treatment may vary by the specialist's decision based on the clinical findings of the patient.


Dental hygiene includes special sandblasting with the AIRFLOW device, which instantly removes unwanted pigmentation from the surface of the teeth and restores their natural whiteness. Pigment stains are not only aesthetically distracting but also create better conditions for tartar deposition. They appear especially with increased consumption of red wine, curry, coffee and of course due to smoking. With conventional cleaning, the recurrence of these pigmentations usually cannot be prevented perfectly.

AIRFLOW can very effectively remove even the finest pigmentation with the use of sodium bicarbonate or glycine, which is applied in the form of microgranulated powder with the help of water and air flow on the teeth. AIRFLOW sandblasting neutralizes the acidic environment in the oral cavity and thus prevents the formation of bacteria and related tooth decay. Unlike chemical teeth whitening, AIRFLOW sandblasting is completely natural and does not burden the oral cavity.

Patients who do not need any other treatment for health reasons can also make an appointment for AIRFLOW treatment independently. Only registered patients can be booked for this separate treatment in person at the office.

Price of dental hygiene

First dental hygiene visit

examination of the condition of the teeth and gums, instruction in proper tooth cleaning, treatment in form
of tartar removal by ultrasound/curette, teeth polishing, sandblasting with AIRFLOW, 
floridation enamel

2 400 CZK

Next visits

tartar removal by ultrasound/curette, teeth polishing, sandblasting by AIRFLOW, 
enamel floridation 

1 900 CZK

Self-sandblasting AIRFLOW 

dental sandblasting

950 Kč


We accept credit cards. Sodexo, Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket,Ticket Benefits Card, Benefit+ and Flexipass up to 10000.- CZK.

The scope of dental hygiene, the methods used and the treatment time may change by the decision of the specialist based on the clinical findings of the patient.

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