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Healthy, beautiful teeth make a great impression, but keeping them in perfect shape requires professional care from time to time. Regular dental hygiene helps prevent a wide range of complications such as dental caries or periodontal disease. Due care for  the oral cavity is the only reliable way to keep your teeth functional and make them last a lifetime. Don't risk the health of your teeth: commit yourself to the care of experts today!

Dental hygiene, or, when 2 minutes a day is not enough

Standard, daily tooth brushing is very important to prevent various dental diseases; often, however, we are unable (or incapable) of providing our teeth with the care they truly deserve. Unsuitable brushing or a poorly chosen tootbrush or toothpaste can even be harmful to our teeth.

Dental hygiene is a highly effective solution for a beautiful and healthy smile, which is increasingly recommended as prevention as well as part of the treatment by all responsible dentists. At Perfect Smile®  Clinic we offer professional dental hygiene as part of the orthodontic treatment with fixed braces, or as a single procedure which you too can undergo!

3 x why dental hygiene

1. No more dental caries

Through regular care we are able to reduce the risk of dental caries to a minimum. Thanks to professional instruments, a dental hygienist is able to clean your teeth in places which a regular toothbrush will never reach.

2. No periodontal (gum) disease

Dental hygiene easily helps prevent various gum diseases, reduces gum bleeding and, in extreme cases, it can prevent tooth loss as a result of advanced periodontosis.
3. General cleaning of your mouth

Using special techniques, we will remove all dental plaque as well as sedentary dental tartar, for which regular cleaning is not enough. Our dental hygienist will get rid of unwanted dental pigmentation and of unpleasant halitosis (bad breath).

1What happens during a treatment?

Dental hygiene in Perfect Smile® begins with the initial treatment and repeated treatment is performed at a regular frequency of 3-6 months. After each procedure, the so-called white diet should be followed for at least 3 hours, during which contact of the cleaned tooth surface with tooth staining substances (most often red wine, curry spices, coffee, smoking) should be avoided and not eaten or drunk for about an hour. Only in this way is it possible to achieve maximum effect.

1st visit – approximately 60 minutes of care

At your initial visit to the dental hygienist's office, you will first be examined for your so-called special index, which determines the health of your gums, as well as the overall state of oral hygiene. Should the hygienist recognize any of the possible diseases, s/he will first explain to you the causes behind it, and then suggest further proceedings.

During the actual treatment, dental plaque and tartar (which usually prevents gum renewal) are removed first. The time needed to remove the tartar varies: sometimes multiple visits are needed. Finally, the hygienist will clean and polish your teeth thoroughly.

The content of dental hygiene, the methods used and the duration of treatment may vary at the discretion of the specialist based on the patient's clinical findings.

What follows is a series of instructions for correct tooth brushing and home tooth care, during which the hygienist will show and explain to you in detail how to clean your teeth as well as possible. You will receive a complimentary set of professional toothbrushes, which you will be able to try straight away to practice proper cleaning.

2nd and following visits – approximately 45 minutes of care  

During your next visits we will check up on the current state of hygiene and clean the remaining tartar, polish your teeth and, if needed, sand them using our AIRFLOW® appliance. This procedure is only possible for patients who do not suffer from gingivitis.

Your following visits will consist of checking your dental hygiene and evaluating problems that may have emerged since your last visit.

The content of dental hygiene, the methods used and the duration of treatment may vary at the discretion of the specialist based on the patient's clinical findings.


Dental hygiene also includes special sanding using the AIRFLOW® appliance, which instantly removes unwanted pigmentation from the tooth surface, and restores natural whiteness. Pigment stains are not only aesthetically disturbing: they also provide fertile ground for the sedimentation of tartar. They appear especially due to high consumption of red wine, curry, coffee and, of course, as a result of smoking. Regular cleaning is usually only partly successful in preventing repeating occurences of these pigmentations.

AIRFLOW is highly effective in removing even the tiniest pigmentations using sodium bicarbonate or glycin, which is applied on the teeth in the form of microgranulated powder using a stream of water and air. AIRFLOW®-based sanding neutralizes the oral cavity's acid environment, which prevents the formation of bacteria and the accompanying dental caries. Unlike chemical teeth whitening, AIRFLOW® sanding is completely natural, it does not burden the oral cavity, and at the same time it is a much more economical way of achieving a beautiful smile.

Dental hygiene cost

First visit to Perfect Smile dental hygiene
Includes a full-scale examination of the state of teeth and gums, instructions for correct teeth brushing, ultrasound-based removal of dental plaque, teeth polishing, AIRFLOW sanding, and enamel fluoridation.

2 000 CZK
Subsequent visits1 500  CZK
AIRFLOW sanding (single procedure)       950 CZK

All prices include VAT, we accept debit cards and Sodexo, Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket voucher, Flexipass, Benefit+ as well as the Ticket Benefits Card.

The content of dental hygiene, the methods used and the duration of treatment may vary at the discretion of the specialist based on the patient's clinical findings.

Before and after

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