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Clear braces

blend with the shade of your enamel


The braces are made of monocrystalline sapphire or ceramic. The sapphire are translucent and the ceramic in the color of toothpaste. Most of the time, we wear the wires and other components white in color.

Aesthetic braces are fixed at the start of treatment to the front surfaces of the teeth using a strong, specially manufactured adhesive. No need to worry about the wearing regime during the day. You will have a strong bond with these braces.


Speaking, cleaning and eating aside. All the components of modern orthodontics have developed so that you live without much restriction during treatment. You will hardly notice any pronunciation problems. Cleaning your teeth is only slightly more difficult with cosmetic braces than without braces. When eating you should bite food more carefully to avoid unnecessary mechanical damage and avoid foods with strong colouring. This will avoid unplanned visits to the clinic.

We will explain and rehearse everything beforehand.

Esthetic braces are used to treat all types of orthodontic defects such as crowded teeth, deep bite, open bite, cross bite, reverse bite and gaps between teeth regardless of the complexity of the case.

They are suitable for adults, teenagers and children with already replaced teeth.

Pluses of clear braces

  • Low visibility of the braces during treatment
  • Treatment takes place discreetly against the background of the patient's normal life
  • No worries about the regimen of putting on and taking off the braces
  • They can be used to treat any complex orthodontic defect from the mildest to the most complex
  • Globally the most widely used and historically proven method
  • Consistently more cost-effective than Invisalign

Minus of clear braces

  • You should not bite hard food with great force, but bite more carefully (this is also largely true for Invisalign braces, due to the possibility of damaging the fixed attachments on the teeth)
  • You should avoid foods containing strong dyes (e.g. turmeric), due to the possibility of staining the retainers (if stained, they can be replaced within 10 minutes at the patient's request)
  • To clean teeth after eating, more frequent use of an interdental brush is needed to clean the area under the wire where food can enter


All my life I have longed for a perfect smile and finally I decided to start treatment at Perfect Smile s.r.o. with Dr. Fendrychová. Already after the first few months of wearing braces I can see an incredible improvement, so I can already write that I am very satisfied and I am glad that I visit this clinic. The approach of the doctor and the whole team is absolutely top-notch and professional, I am very comfortable with regular dental hygiene and all check-ups are done in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the clinic is in the centre of Prague, which I take as a big plus, it's only a short walk to the office, there are great cafes and shops around.


Our offer of clear braces

We work with braces of renowned manufacturers. We currently use translucent sapphire braces from American Orthodontics(USA)  and white ceramic Dentaurum (GER).

Radiance Plus®

Sapphire braces made byAmerican Orthodontics with highly transparent single crystal sapphire locks provide the maximum necessary discretion during treatment. Suitable for all tooth shades. The unique patented method of adjusting the locks and the rounded edges guarantee the necessary comfort during the entire process. These are our most requested braces.

Discovery Pearl®

Ceramic braces made by Dentaurum  are German made. The white shade of the braces adapts to almost every shade of teeth. The brackets are smaller than sapphire braces, yet remain durable. The small size of the locks makes treatment with them unobtrusive. They are most often used on patients with smaller teeth, but also on those who like them because of their small size.

Prices of orthodontic treatment with clear braces

Prices of braces including retainers. A contractual guarantee of the price of your orthodontic treatment is a matter of course.

bracesArea of treatmentPrice until 21 y/o with health insurancePrice from 22 y/o OR without health insurance 
American Orthodontics Radiance Plus
Translucent sapphire braces for adults and teens for any treatment complexity.
1 jaw51 890 CZK55 890 CZK
 Both jaws85 990 CZK89 990 CZK
Dentaurum Discovery® Pearl
Naturally white ceramic braces for adults and teens for any treatment challenge.
1 jaw51 890 CZK55 890 CZK
 Both jaws85 990 CZK89 990 CZK

We accept credit cards. Pluxee (Sodexo), Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket,Ticket Benefits Card, Benefit+ and Flexipass up to the amount of 10 000 CZK .

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