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  • EOS2023 Annual Congress

 11-15 June 2023, Oslo, Norway

  • Czech-Saxon-Bavarian-Austrian Dental Day

  19.5.2023, Karlovy Vary

  • "Interdisciplinary Cooperation II: Orthodontist with Implantologist and Prosthodontist", MUDr. Ivo Marek Ph.D., MDDr. Michal Novosad and MDDr. Jan Stibal 

  25.-26.11.2022, Lednice

  • Errors, Mistakes and Failures in Orthodontics - How to detect and solve, Dr. Björn Ludwig

   21.10.2022, Prague

  • 25th International Congress Prague Dental Days

   14.-15.10.2022, Prague

  • XXIIth Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society

   6.-9.10.2022, Ostrava

  • Weekend Seminar of the Czech Society of Stomatologic Surgery

   1.-2.10.2022, Velké Bílovice

  • XXVII. Kutná Hora Dental Days 

    10.-11.9.2022, Czech Republic

  • ESLO Congress 2022- Lingual Orthodnics in the Digital Era

     24.6.-25.6.2022, Sorrento, Italy

  • Czech-Saxon-Bavarian-Austrian Dental Day

       27.5.2022, Karlovy Vary

  • Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2021

        2. - 3.7.2021, Prague

  • Invisalign MasterClass Continuing Education

       23.8.2019, Valeč

  • Invisalign Study Club

       16.5.2019, Prague

  • Esthetic Invisalign orthodontics in patients treated orthodontic-surgical

       31.5.2018, Prague

  • XVIII. Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society in Liberec,

      September 2017

  • EUMAA European Master Of Aligner,
    21.10. 2016 - 24.02. 2017, London, United Kingdom
  • WIN Lingualtechnik Anwendertreffen,
    12.12. 2016, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
  • XVII. Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society,  active participation lecture Fixed Functional Appliances
    22.-24.9.2016, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 12th ESLO Congress- The Evidence Based in Lingual Orthodontics, Modern Clinical Aspects
    30.6.-3.7.2016, Athens, Greece
  • Congress of the Slovak Orthodontic Society,
    1.-2.4.2016, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia
  • WIN Lingualtechnik Anwendertreffen,
    12.12.2015, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
  • XVIth Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society,
    15.-17.10. 2015, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
  • WIN Lingualtechnik International Users Meeting,
    28.3.2015, London, Great Britain
  • WIN Lingualtechnik Lingual orthodontics - The Next Generation,
    27.3.2015, London, Great Britain
  • WIN Lingualtechnik certification course, 23.-24.1.2015, Milan, Italy
  • Advancing Lingual Orthodontics Around The World (3M Incognito),
    22.11.2014, Rome, Italy
  • XIV. Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society,
    26.-28.9.2013, Plzeň
  • 3M Incognito certification course,
    1. 6. 2012, Prague
  • Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society in Prague,
    22.9.-24.9. 2011, Prague
  • Congress of the European Orthodontic Society in Turkey,
    19.6.2011 - 23.6.2011, Istanbul
  • Incognito Certification Course,
    10.-11.6.2011, Budapest, Hungary
  • International Congress New Developments in Clinical Orthodontics,Dr. William Proffit, Dr. Dirk Wiechmann, Dr. Sarver, Dr. Hugo De Clerck, Dr. Dan Grauer, Dr. B.Zacharisson,
    8.-9.4.2011, Barcelona, Spain
  • Miniimplants and their use, Dr. med.d ent. Sebastian Baumgärtel, D.M.D., M.S.D., FRCD(C),
    1.4.2011, Prague
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar The Use of Anchorage Mini-Implants in Clinical Practice, Dr. Marino Musilli,
    25.2.2011, Prague
  • International Conference Diamond Workshop 2011, active participation with poster presentation of a poster on thin nanocrystalline diamond layers as a biocompatible modification of anchor mini-implants for orthodontics,

    21.-23.2.2011, Hasselt, Belgium

  • Connection of old and new,wire forming and sensing functional anchoring Dr.Marcel Korn, D.M.D.,
    18.-19.2.2011, Prague
  • International Conference Materials Research Society 2010 Fall Meeting, active participation with poster presentation of thin nanocrystalline diamond layers as biocompatible modification of anchorage miniscrews for orthodontics,
    29.11. - 3.12.2010, Boston, USA
  • Orthodontic Training Course, Effective Techniques for Challenging Orthodontic Cases,Dr.Stephen M. Chadwick,
    29.10.2010, Prague
  • Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society in Brno,
    30.9.-2.10.2010, Prague. 2010
  • International course New Efficient solution in Orthodontics, Prof.Dr.Tiziano Baccetti,DDS,PhD and Prof.Dr.Lorenzo Franchi,DDS,PhD,
    23.9. - 24.9.2010, Florence
  • MUDr.Martin Kotas Ph.D.,
    6.9. - 10.9.2010,Olomouc
  • Course for doctors in specialisation training, Prof.MUDr.Milan Kaminek DrSc., Doc.MUDr.Miloš Špidlen Ph.D., MUDr.Ivo Marek Ph.D.
  • Congress of the European Orthodontic Society in Slovenia,
    15.6.2010 - 19.6.2010, Portorož
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar Interceptive Treatment as a Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery, MUDr.René Foltán Ph.D and MUDr.Jiří Petr,
    14.5.-16.5.2010, Portorož, Slovenia.2010, Prague
  • Orthodontic expert seminar Myofunctional influences on the development of the orofacial system, Trainers and their use in practice, Dr.Niels Hulsink,
    7.5.2010, Prague
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar Current Approach to Orthodontic Treatment, Prof.Dr.Tiziano Baccetti,DDS,PhD,
    19.3. - 20.3.2010, Prague
  • Orthodontic Expert Seminar Optimizing Treatment Mechanics, Dr.Lars Christensen,
    26.2. - 27.2.2010, Prague
  • Orthodontic Expert Seminar SUS2, Problem Solving II.Class, Dr.Aladin Sabagh,
    22.1.2010, Prague
  • International Orthodontic Symposium,
    26. - 28.11.2009, Prague
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar Treatment Class II, Dr.Pascal Baron,
    19.11.2009, Brno
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar The Use of Anchorage Mini-Screws, Dr.Marino Musilli,
    Brno 20.11.2009
  • Orthodontic Specialty Seminar, Diagnosis, Facial Aesthetics and Treatment Planning in Orthodontic-Surgical Patients, Dr. G.W.Arnett and R.P.McLaughlin,
    1.10.-2.10.2009, Prague
  • Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society in Špindlerův mlýn, active participation with poster presentation,
    17.9. - 19.9.2009
  • Practical orthodontic course Treatment planning in Dolphin Imaging program, Alessandro Manzoli,
    4.6. - 5.6.2009, FN v Motole Praha
  • Orthodontic professional seminar Practical course Diagnostic Set-up, MUDr. Marie Štefková CSc.,
    30.4.2009, Olomouc
  • Orthodontic Professional Seminar Practical Course on Bending Orthodontic Arches, MUDr. Marie Štefková CSc.,
    27.4. - 29.4.2009, Olomouc
  • Orthodontic professional seminar Diagnostics, treatment planning and mechanics of treatment - has it changed with self-ligating appliances?, Dr. Fredrik Bergstrand and Dr. Lars Christensen,
    13.3.2009, Prague
  • Orthodontic professional seminar Creating facial harmony and stability, Dr. R.G.Wick Alexander,
    24.1.2009, Prague
  • International Orthodontic Symposium in Bielsko-Biala, Dr. Lars Christense, Dr. Leandro Fernandez, Dr. John Scholey, Dr. Colin Melrose, Dr. Petra Hofmanová,
  • Clinical Seminar Clefts, Department of Orthodontics and Cleft Defects, FNKV,
    28.11.2008, Prague
  • Orthodontic Expert Seminar Temporomandibular Joint in Orthodontics, MUDr. et MUDr. René Foltán,
    31.5.2008, Brno

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