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What are removable braces?

They are an orthodontic appliance consisting of a resin body, wired clasps and several expansive screws and clips, which function as active elements in moving the individual teeth. The main advantage of removable braces is that they can be taken out of the mouth, which makes dental hygiene easier. Another indisputable advantage, appreciated mainly by younger children's parents, is their lower price.

  • For schoolchildren, removable braces are usually a preparation for their treatment with fixed appliances, thanks to which it can be much faster. Sometimes they are enough to make the teeth grow correctly, in which case no further treatment with fixed braces is necessary.

  • Teenagers as well as adult patients usually use removable braces to stabilize their teeth following the so-called active phase of treatment with fixed braces. In these cases, treatment with removable braces only is of no great consequence and has been discontinued in modern orthodontics.

Removable braces for the correct development of small children's teeth

Removable, or, non-fixed braces are a fairly easy way to achieve a symmetrical smile mainly in young children whose teeth are in constant development, which means that it is possible to influence easily the child's inter-jaw relations. Orthodontic treatment with removable braces depends strongly on the child's age and type of teeth, ie. whether he or she has deciduous teeth (primary teeth), mixed (primary and secondary) or secondary only.

An orthodontic specialist has to supervse the treatment in order to check the toothing process regularly. Once the child's secondary teeth have been permanently developed, it is appropriate to begin his or her treatment with fixed braces, which bring much more effective and lifelong results.

3 conditions for effective treatment with removable braces

1. Discipline

Regular usage is extremely important during orthodontic treatment with removable braces. Children tend to put their braces away, it is therefore up to the parents to oversee that the braces are worn properly during the day as well as night.

2. Thorough care

It is necessary to clean the braces every day using a special brush, or place them in designated solution. Removable braces are kept in plastic boxes. There are hundreds of colour combinations available and your youngster will love them.

3. Regular checkups

The correct development of the position of the teeth, as well as the orthodontic appliance itself, should be checked by an orthodontist on a regular basis. Particularly with small children it is very important to attend these so that the treatment goes on exactly as planned.

For around a week after the fixed braces have been removed, it is necessary to wear the removable braces all the time; later on it is enough to wear them during the night. This is professionally known as the retention phase, and it usually lasts as long as the active phase, but this always depends on the individual course of treatment.

Cost of orthodontic treatment with removable braces

We cooperate with all Czech insurance companies and we can therefore always offer you very good prices. The overall cost of orthodontic treatment always depends on the individual malocclusion: do not hesitate to schedule an introductory appointment with us where we will give you a custom price calculation. Don't forget to bring a note of recommendation from your dentist, and the first consultation will be free.  

Type of bracesArea of treatmentPrice of treatment
Complex removable bite plate appliance
Custom made removable braces suitable for orthodontic treatment or pre-treatment of children up to the age of 12
1 jawdetermined in consultation

All prices include VAT, we accept debit cards and Sodexo, Edenred, Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket voucher, Flexipass, Benefit+ as well as the Ticket Benefits Card.

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