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Braces for children

Removable braces for children

They are a laboratory product created tailored to the needs of a small patient, most often between the ages of 7 and 10, with mixed dentition. Exceptions are patients with a single tooth bite and a crossbite of multiple teeth, where treatment is usually indicated between the ages of 4 and 6 years, but only with good cooperation of the pediatric patient. 

It is usually worn at night or even during the day at times when the fitted braces do not interfere with anything. The hand removable braces can easily be put on and removed from teeth. The product is composed of biocompatible composite materials and wire clasps. Depending on the complexity of the problem to be solved, expansion screws and threads are added, which act as an active element to create and regulate the pressure leading to the correct direction of movement of the teeth, their roots and related tissues in the still developing jaws of the pediatric patient.

The treatment with removable braces lasts about 2 years and check-ups are scheduled every 3 months.

Removable braces for proper development of baby teeth

Orthodontic treatment of children with removable braces is most often a preparation for later more detailed and effective orthodontic treatment of teeth with fixed braces, which is then faster and more effective in terms of long-term stability of the result.

In some cases, however, removable braces for children can help the proper growth of the teeth early on, and subsequent treatment with fixed braces is no longer necessary.

The dental practitioner should alert you to the need for removable braces early on and write a referral for the patient to be examined by an orthodontist. However, you can also make an appointment on your own initiative.

In patients over 12 years of age, treatment with the use of removable braces outside of Invisalign®  is of little importance and is not used in current orthodontics.

Teenagers and adult patients use removable braces, which are professionally called retreatment splints to temporarily fix the teeth after the removal of fixed braces or the end of treatment with Invisalign braces. Wearing them in this case is an essential part of the treatment leading to a stable and long-lasting result.

Braces for children

Conditions for effective treatment with removable braces

1. Discipline

When undergoing orthodontic treatment with removable braces, it is extremely important to pay particular attention to their regular use. Children tend to put their braces off, so it is primarily the responsibility of the parents to see that the braces are worn properly at night and, when possible, during the day.

2. Oral hygiene

Every day it is necessary to clean the braces thoroughly with a special brush or to place them in a solution designed for this purpose. Removable braces are stored in plastic boxes. There are hundreds of different colour designs on the market, which the little patient is sure to love. Consistent oral hygiene is also a must.

3. Regular checks

The correct development of the position of the teeth and the orthodontic appliance itself must be checked regularly by an orthodontist at a frequency of usually once every 3 months.

Removable braces FOR CHILDREN

Type of bracesScope of treatmentCost of treatment
Complex Plate Appliance
laboratory-made removable braces for children
both jawsdetermined by consultation

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