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Our philosophy

Although looks are not everything, they can speak volumes about a person. It is up to you to embrace your dream of having a perfect smile – we will be happy to help you. Feeling attractive has two positive consequences – self-confidence, and an open door to the people around us, whether in our work or private life.

The Perfect Smile Clinic always offers 100% professional care of experienced orthodontic specialists, who will guide you to your perfect smile with maximum respect and kindness, which will make you feel at home. At Perfect Smile you can look forward to a first-rate team of professionals who use the latest technologies to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible, quick, and almost painless.

Meet the Perfect Smile Team


  • founder and owner of Perfect Smile Clinic
  • Chief Medical Officer and the company's expert representative
  • orthodontic specialist


  • Orthodontic specialist
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Clinic Staff

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