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Everything is easier with a Perfect Smile!

We are Perfect Smile and it is our mission to create beautiful and healthy smiles with the help of professional orthodontic treatment, dental hygiene and teeth whitening. We always try to offer our clients services above the standard, with added value, and our primary goal is mainly our patients' satisfaction and the successful completion of their treatments.

Perfect Smile Orthodontics, Prague, offers its clients a full list of services in a friendly environment and the privacy of separate offices in a newly established clinic in the very centre of Prague. We are also happy to treat foreign clients. The whole team speaks English and German and we have a professional manager ready to help our Russian clients.

7 times why Perfect Smile

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialised stomatological discipline which researches the causes, possible prevention, and treatment of different orthodontic defects. Orthodontic defects (professionally known as anomalies) are defined, based on their extent, as wrongly positioned single teeth, clusters of teeth, or jaw bones. Orthodontic treatment works to adjust these conditions so that a balanced aesthetic as well as functional result is achieved.

Removable or fixed braces are used for orhodontic treatment in most cases, and their effect is fully satisfactory. Only the gravest cases have to be solved with the help of jaw surgery. Orthodontics is an extraordinary discipline mainly because it works with natural tissues such as teeth, roots, gums and jaw bones. Therefore, it can improve the beauty of a smile or a face without implanting any alien material into the body, unlike other stomatological disciplines such as prosthetics or implantology.

Orthodontics is also very important in preventing caries, gum disease, functional eating disorders (biting off, chewing, swallowing), breathing disorders, speech and enunciation.

Have a look at the interiors of Perfect Smile Clinic

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