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Comfortable, invisible and removable Invisalign system transforms your smile. How? Straightens your teeth with a set of nearly invisible, removable braces, which are made specifically for your teeth. Every two weeks putting on the new braces and your teeth will little by little, month after month to move towards the desired position. The fact is, moreover, alreadyconvinced more than 3 million people worldwide.

Why Invisalign?

You stand before deciding whether fixed braces or Invisalign? The difference is clear! Invisalign system is different than the traditional methods of redress teeth. Prerequisite for the success of orthodontic treatment with removable braces Invisalign, however, it is perfect patient cooperation. Invisalign invisible braces can be up to 2 hours a day to take off, hence do not restrict food, and you can evenperform dental hygiene as you used to. Invisalign braces but can not cure all kinds of defects (especially those hard) and thus their use is necessary to consult a doctor at the clinic.

  • Braces are virtually invisible.
  • Less frequent visits to the orthodontist.
  • Searching the outcome on the 3D model in advance.
  • Dental hygiene is the same as if you did not even have braces.
  • No restriction when choosing food.

How long can I start treatment?

The process of formulating a plan and manufacture Invisalign braces is jednudušší than with fixed braces. If you have chosen the Invisalign system, we recommend you notify your right choice when ordering a consultation. Initiation of treatment is usually possible within 6 weeks after taking detailedimpressions of teeth. The total duration of treatment depends on its complexity, but it's generally comparable to traditional braces. A typical treatment takes 9-18 months. For more information we provide when visiting. For information about the cost of Invisalign braces visit our price list.

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