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At the beginning of December 2016, the 3rd Congress of WIN 3 Deutsches Anwendertreffen (which can be loosely translated as the German meeting of the users of WIN lingual appliances) took place in Frankfurt, Germany. And, since MUDr. Jana Fendrychová takes great interest in innovations and the latest improvements in the field of orthodontics, she could not be missed at the Frankfurt Congress.

This year, the guru of 3D lingual orthodontics, Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiechmann and his team presented a series of technical innovations within the field of WIN lingual appliances, including a new scientific study attesting to the quality and treatment effects of this particular technology.

MUDr. Jana Fendrychová and Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiechmann
MUDr. Jana Fendrychová and Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiechmann

MUDr. Jana Fendrychová says:

„I was very excited to see the enthusiasm with which Prof. Weichmann’s team engage in the continuous improvement of WIN lingual appliances, from both the scientific and technological points of view.” Ever since its inception, the WIN technology has been raising the bar for all other competing products. “For instance, these lingual appliances have a very high-precision production technology which can, with good patient cooperation, secure a very satisfactory treatment outcome. Likewise, this kind of treatment often has a pleasantly swift progression. The treatment results can also be foreseen with the help of the 3D format. WIN is perfect for treatment of all types of orthodontic problems, from light ones to more complex.“

Other advantages of WIN lingual appliances include good patient comfort, achieved thanks to the special size and shape of their components. Unlike other orthodontic appliances, these devices allow for better control of teeth movement. “At this year’s Congress, I also discovered that Prof. Weichmann’s team are working to introduce a completely new WIN type, the so-called “self-ligating” WIN lingual appliance to the market. No patients in Germany or the Czech Republic so far have been treated using this particular appliance!“

MUDr. Jana Fendrychová enjoys attending educational events abroad. Where is she going next?

  • WIN Congress (London, Great Britain)
  • Congress of the European Orthodontic Society (Montreaux, Switzerland)

Photographs from the Congress in Frankfurt:

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