Upravit stránku
We enlarge our offer and offer new ceramic braces ORMCO DAMON CLEAR.

The braces are unique thanks to inconspicuousness and also distinctly accelerate treatment thanks to special slots which substitute gums, minimize rubbing between bracket and elastic ties and reduce duration of treatment (for 30 %).

Because there are no gums there is no need of frequent visits to doctor. It is enough to visit Your doctor once every 4-5 months instead of 1-2 times monthly.

No more coloring of gums (elastic ties) because of colouring food and beverages.

If speed of treatment and time saving is important for You do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment for professional consultation. You will get all needed information about treetment with ORMCO DAMON CLEAR system.

You can contact us by phone 731 551 182.